Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just call me the Ice Cream Dieter

So I have a nickname now. I received a call yesterday from a local news station, WFMZ, wanting to do a story on the ice cream dieter. Ooh, a nickname! I loved it!!! I couldn't believe they had read my story in the Morning Call the previous day and wanted to feature me on the news. From that phone call- everything moved so quickly. By 2:30 that afternoon, a reporter, camera woman, and intern were setting up my small two bedroom apartment for my story. As my fiance and sister looked on from the living room, my interview unfolded. They filmed me dishing out my ice cream, stepping on the scale, and logging my daily food.  The camera went inside my cabinets, my refrigerator and freezer. (Thank goodness, my fiance had frantically cleaned our apartment before they arrived!) When the interview was almost wrapped, after an hour and a half of shooting, I stood in my dining room, watching the scene in front of me. I couldn't believe that a reporter was standing in my kitchen, filming her introductory segment for my news feature. It seemed completely unreal! Here's the link to WFMZ's website where you can read the story and watch the segment from the news.

I never expected anything from my weight loss success- but all the experiences that I've been offered because of my journey have proved to be quite an adventure. I hope that through each outlet, my story can inspire others to begin their journey towards developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Because above all else, that is what is most important.

In other news, its the 4th of July- a day full of picnics, fireworks, and endless unhealthy temptations. If I've learned one thing throughout my diet process it's been that it is very hard to be on a diet during parties or gatherings when most other guests aren't eating the same way you are and the food choices are anything but healthy. It can be very difficult to stay on the right path when surrounded by so many delicious temptations. But my motto at parties, as it is every other day of the year, is simple. If something looks too good to pass up, then don't! I don't believe a diet should ever deprive you. If you feel like you are missing out on something- you'll find ways to talk yourself out of dieting and into binge eating. To avoid that, pick out the one dish at a party that looks irresistible and have a very small taste. One or two bites will be enough to satisfy your craving but not enough to throw you completely off course for the entire day. Also, if the party asks for guests to bring a dish- make sure your dish is something healthy! That way, you are guaranteed to have something that you can be enjoy on your diet while socializing with friends and family. And most parties always have a vegetable or fruit tray- so load up on that! But above all else, don't allow yourself to focus on the food at the party that you are missing out on because of your diet. Enjoy spending time with family and friends and be proud of yourself and all your newfound willpower!!

Happy 4th! Enjoy the day celebrating our country's independence and your personal independence from food!!


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  2. I think there's no need to keep your cravings on ice creams. You can indulge yourself by taking a few scoops in a week. Just remember to take it on moderation so that you won't stray away from your diet routines.

    Andrea @Achieve True Balance